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Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery in Dayton, OH

What makes us different at A+ Cleaners? Aside from going above and beyond to ensure complete and total client satisfaction, we also offer more services than the other guys. From dry cleaning your specialty items to providing pickup and delivery services with any order, we bring the Dayton, OH, community convenience you won’t find just anywhere.

Dry Cleaning Services

Women with Dry Cleaned Clothes in Front of Store

Pickup & Delivery

You can now get your clothing dry cleaned from the comfort of your own home. At A+ Cleaners, we make it simple. We’ll pick up soiled or wrinkled garments from your home and return them to your doorstep in fresh, mint condition. In these times, pickup and delivery services are vital, and we’re proud to offer this premium service to keep our clients safe, healthy, and comfortable.

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Learn About Wedding Gown Preservation in Dayton, OH

Our A+ Cleaners team is ready to tackle your specialty dry cleaning needs. Give us a call now at (937) 436-9500 for an estimate on the services you need. We’re happy to answer your questions and address your concerns, so call today!

Dry Cleaning

From all clothing, accessories and household items such as drapes and comforters, we offer a range of services.  Trust the experts to keep your clothing free from spots, stains and in pristine condition.

Specialty Items

We also offer dry cleaning services for specialty items like wedding attire, leather and suede and delicate garments. We’ll even make a special moment last a lifetime. We can now preserve your wedding gown to ensure it stays in the same beautiful condition it was in the day you brought it to us.

Save 30 to 70 percent over the competition every day.

  • Pants: $6.99
  • Sport Coats: $6.99
  • Shirts: $2.59
  • Dresses: $10.99
  • Blouses: $5.49


(No coupons, no gimmicks—just the best prices every day!)

Specialty Items Prices

  • Wedding gowns starting at $179.99
  • Preservation $100
  • Comforters $23.99
  • Suede Cleaning (Pricing varies by item)
  • Leather Cleaning (Pricing varies by item) 

Same Day Service

Visit A+ Cleaners today, and we’ll show you what we’re all about. Bring the household items or clothing you need to have pressed or dry cleaned, and let us restore them to their previous glory.  Typically next day turn around or same day service at our Centerville location if dropped off by 9am on Mon, Wed or Friday.  

We look forward to your call and are ready to answer your questions or to schedule a pickup and delivery date and time. 

(937) 436-9500